【houses around the funeral parlor】The Unsettling Truth About Living Near a Funeral Parlor: Houses Around Death

Have you ever noticed houses situated around a funeral parlor? You might have thought that it’s just a coincidence, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Many people believe that there is a hidden mystery behind the placement of these houses. In this article, we will discuss the possible explanations behind the presence of the houses around the funeral parlor.

The Convenience Factor

One possible explanation for the presence of houses around a funeral parlor is convenience. Funeral parlors provide essential services to the community, and people who live nearby might need their services. Having houses situated around the funeral parlor makes it easier for grieving families to access the services offered by the funeral parlor. It also makes it convenient for the funeral parlor staff to reach out to families in case of emergencies.

Spiritual Beliefs

Another explanation for the presence of houses around a funeral parlor is rooted in spiritual beliefs. Some cultures believe that the dead should not be left alone, and the presence of living people around them brings comfort to their souls. Thus, having houses around a funeral parlor ensures that there are always people around to keep the spirits of the dead company. Additionally, some cultures believe that the presence of houses around a funeral parlor brings good luck to the inhabitants of the houses.

Real Estate Value

The location of a property is a crucial factor that affects its value. Houses around a funeral parlor might have lower real estate prices compared to other properties in the same neighborhood. However, for some people, the lower prices can be an attractive factor. It might be an opportunity to buy a property in a prime location at a lower cost. Additionally, some people might prefer to live in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, which is precisely what a funeral parlor can offer.

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Noise Pollution

One of the most significant impacts of having houses around the funeral parlor is noise pollution. Funeral processions can be noisy, especially if there are many vehicles involved. This can be disturbing to the residents living around the funeral parlor, especially if the funeral takes place early in the morning or late at night. The noise pollution can also affect the grieving process of the family and friends of the deceased who are attending the funeral.

Traffic Congestion

Another impact of houses around the funeral parlor is traffic congestion. Funeral processions can cause traffic jams, which can be frustrating for both the mourners and the residents living around the funeral parlor. Traffic congestion can also lead to delays in the funeral procession, which can be stressful for the family and friends of the deceased.

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Property Value

Having a funeral parlor in the neighborhood can also affect the property value of the houses around it. Many people may not want to live near a funeral parlor, which can make it difficult for homeowners to sell their homes. This can lead to a decrease in property value, which can be a significant concern for homeowners.


In conclusion, houses around the funeral parlor can have a significant impact on the grieving process and the neighborhood. The noise pollution, traffic congestion, and property value are just a few of the impacts of having houses around the funeral parlor. It is essential to consider the impact of the funeral parlor on the community before building one. If a funeral parlor is necessary, steps should be taken to minimize its impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

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