【What's wrong with Lu Chong's house?】”Exploring the Mystery of Lu Chong’s House: What Happened?”

Lu Chong, a resident of the small village of Xiaogang in China, has been facing a major problem with his house. The walls of his house have been cracking, and the roof has been leaking, causing significant damage to the interior of the house. The situation has become worse over time, and despite Lu Chong’s efforts to repair the house, the problems persist. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the issues faced by Lu Chong’s house.

Poor Construction

One of the main reasons behind the problems faced by Lu Chong’s house is poor construction. The house was built using inferior quality materials, and the construction work was not carried out correctly. As a result, the walls are weak and unable to bear the weight of the roof, which has caused them to crack. Additionally, the roof was not properly sealed, allowing water to seep through and damage the interior of the house.

Natural Disasters

Another reason for the problems faced by Lu Chong’s house is natural disasters. The village of Xiaogang is prone to floods, and when the floods occur, the water level rises rapidly, often causing significant damage to the houses in the area. Lu Chong’s house is located in a low-lying area, making it more vulnerable to flooding. The repeated flooding has weakened the foundation of the house, making it more susceptible to damage.

Lack of Maintenance

Lastly, the lack of maintenance is also a significant reason behind the problems faced by Lu Chong’s house. The house was not maintained correctly, and the minor issues were not addressed timely. As a result, the problems became more severe over time, making it more challenging and expensive to repair the house. This also highlights the importance of regular maintenance of the house to prevent such issues from arising.

Lu Chong is a fictional character in the short story “The Third and Final Continent” by Jhumpa Lahiri. The story is about a man who moves to America, and his experience living in a rented house. The house, however, is not without its problems. In this article, we will discuss the issues that arise in Lu Chong’s house and what they reveal about the living conditions of immigrants in America.

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The Condition of the House

The first problem with Lu Chong’s house is its condition. The house is old, musty, and in need of repairs. The walls are thin, and the windows are drafty. The heating system is unreliable, and the pipes are prone to freezing. These problems make the house uncomfortable and difficult to live in, especially during the winter months. Despite these issues, Lu Chong and his wife are grateful to have a place to live, and they do their best to make the best of their situation.

The Landlord

Another issue with Lu Chong’s house is the landlord. The landlord is unresponsive and unhelpful when it comes to addressing the problems with the house. He refuses to make repairs or upgrades, and he is slow to respond to complaints. This lack of support from the landlord makes it difficult for Lu Chong and his wife to feel like they have any control over their living situation. They are at the mercy of their landlord, who seems to have little concern for their wellbeing.

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The Neighborhood

The final issue with Lu Chong’s house is the neighborhood. The neighborhood is rundown, and the residents are mostly immigrants like Lu Chong. Despite the sense of community that comes with living among people from similar backgrounds, the neighborhood is not without its problems. There is crime, gang activity, and a general feeling of insecurity. These issues make it difficult for Lu Chong and his wife to feel safe in their own home, and they are constantly on edge.


In conclusion, Lu Chong’s house is a reflection of the challenges that immigrants face when trying to establish a new life in America. The condition of the house, the unresponsive landlord, and the unsafe neighborhood all contribute to a sense of instability and insecurity. Despite these challenges, Lu Chong and his wife remain hopeful and grateful for what they have. Their resilience is a testament to the strength and determination of immigrants in America.

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