【How to rent a house in Hong Kong】Renting a House in Hong Kong: A Comprehensive Guide

Research the Rental Market

Before you start looking for a house to rent, it’s essential to research the rental market in Hong Kong. This will help you understand what to expect in terms of rental prices, the types of properties available, and the different neighborhoods in the city. You can find information on the rental market by searching online, reading local newspapers, and speaking to real estate agents.

Determine Your Budget

Once you’ve done your research, you’ll need to determine your budget. Hong Kong is known for having some of the highest rental prices in the world, so it’s essential to be realistic about what you can afford. Take into account your monthly income, expenses, and other financial commitments when setting your budget. You should also be aware that landlords in Hong Kong typically require two to three months’ rent as a security deposit.

Work with a Real Estate Agent

Working with a real estate agent can be beneficial when looking for a house to rent in Hong Kong. An experienced agent can help you navigate the rental market, find properties that meet your needs and budget, and negotiate with landlords on your behalf. Be sure to choose an agent who is licensed and has a good reputation in the industry.

Finding a House to Rent

The first step in renting a house in Hong Kong is to find one that meets your needs. There are several ways to find a house to rent in Hong Kong. You can use online property portals such as Squarefoot or Spacious, which list properties from various landlords and real estate agents. Alternatively, you can engage a real estate agent who can help you to find a house that meets your requirements. It’s important to note that you’ll need to pay a commission fee to the real estate agent, which is usually equivalent to one month’s rent.

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Understanding the Rental Process

Once you’ve found a house that you like, you’ll need to go through the rental process. The rental process in Hong Kong is quite straightforward. You’ll need to sign a tenancy agreement with the landlord, which outlines the terms and conditions of the rental. You’ll also need to pay a security deposit, which is usually equivalent to two months’ rent, and the first month’s rent in advance. It’s important to note that you’ll need to have a Hong Kong ID card or a valid visa to rent a house in Hong Kong.

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Negotiating the Rental Price

The rental price for houses in Hong Kong can be quite expensive, especially in popular areas such as Central, Causeway Bay or Tsim Sha Tsui. However, it’s possible to negotiate the rental price with the landlord or real estate agent. You can try to negotiate a lower rental price or ask for additional services or facilities such as a car parking space or a gym membership. It’s important to negotiate in a respectful and polite manner, and to be prepared to compromise.


Renting a house in Hong Kong can be a challenging process, but it’s not impossible. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can find a house that meets your needs and negotiate a rental price that you can afford. Remember to do your research, be patient, and be prepared to compromise. Good luck with your house hunting!

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