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The Local Housing Market

Quanzhou is a city with a rich cultural heritage and a thriving economy. It’s located on the coast of Fujian province, which is known for its stunning natural beauty and excellent quality of life. The local housing market is diverse and dynamic, with properties ranging from small apartments to luxurious villas. Prices are generally quite reasonable, especially when compared to other major cities in China.

Featured Houses for Sale

Here are just a few examples of the types of houses for sale in Quanzhou:

1. Modern Apartment in Downtown Quanzhou

This sleek and stylish apartment is located in the heart of the city, close to shops, restaurants, and public transport. It features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open-plan living and dining area. The building has excellent security and a range of amenities, including a gym and swimming pool. Asking price: 1,200,000 RMB.

2. Traditional Fujianese House in Chengtian Temple Area

This charming house is situated in the historic Chengtian Temple area, which is known for its beautiful architecture and peaceful atmosphere. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious courtyard garden. The interior is decorated in a traditional Fujianese style, with carved wooden screens and colorful tiled floors. Asking price: 3,500,000 RMB.

3. Luxury Villa in Quanzhou Bay

For those seeking the ultimate in luxury living, this stunning villa in Quanzhou Bay is sure to impress. It boasts five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and panoramic views of the ocean. The interior is elegantly designed, with marble floors, high ceilings, and top-of-the-line appliances. The villa also comes with a private swimming pool and landscaped gardens. Asking price: 28,000,000 RMB.

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Quanzhou Luxury Property For Sale

Property Price: Residential: Fujian: Quanzhou

If you’re in search of a new home, you might want to consider looking at houses for sale in Quanzhou, Fujian. Located in southeastern China, Quanzhou is a bustling city with a rich cultural heritage and plenty of economic opportunities. With a range of housing options available, including apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes, you’re sure to find a property that meets your needs and budget.

Benefits of Living in Quanzhou

Quanzhou has a lot to offer its residents. The city is known for its beautiful architecture, including ancient temples and pagodas, as well as its picturesque waterfront. The local food scene is also a major draw, with a wide range of delicious and affordable options available. In addition, Quanzhou is home to several universities and research institutions, making it a great place to pursue higher education or a career in academia. For those looking to start a business or invest in real estate, the city’s growing economy and strategic location on the coast of the Taiwan Strait make it an attractive option.

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Quanzhou: Property Price: Residential | Economic Indicators

China Real Estate & Homes For Sale in China

House for Sale in Quanzhou

If you’re interested in buying a house in Quanzhou, there are plenty of options available. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose from a range of properties in different neighborhoods throughout the city. For example, if you’re looking for a spacious single-family home, you might consider the Baiyun Villa development in the Licheng district. This gated community features luxurious homes with modern amenities, as well as a clubhouse, swimming pool, and other recreational facilities. Alternatively, if you’re on a tighter budget, you could look at smaller homes or apartments in the central Fengze or Jinjiang districts.


Overall, Quanzhou is an excellent place to consider if you’re in the market for a new home. With a rich cultural heritage, strong economy, and range of housing options available, it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to make this city their home. So why not start your search for a house for sale in Quanzhou, Fujian today and see what this vibrant city has to offer?

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