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5. Transportation: South of the park. East Ring South Extension, Jiangling Expressway, Metro Line 4, Metro Line 14 (under planning), 5 bus routes (736, 750, 707, 759, 720);

Breaking the inherent impression of Yundong, compromising the quality of living, three residential areas with low households and large volumes meet the imagination of life.

The "technical green" design concept creates "residence", providing residents with a green, ecological and livable environment, allowing life to return to nature, and innovation to overturn the traditional real estate industry concept to lead the transformation of life patterns.

The layout of the buildings is scientifically analyzed, and the distance between the buildings is about 70 meters, wandering in the ocean of sunshine.

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Focus on all ages, explore the spiritual world of the community, and bring youth, sports, vitality and social interaction to the youth community.

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Suzhou Wujiang Hengli Health City [2023 latest real estate information] …

Suzhou Wujiang Yundong Love Yunjin Vientiane Sales Office-Property Introduction-Property Location-Developer

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[Wujiang Haiyue Fortune Center] Nearby door

A complete list of extreme sports venues near the square in front of Hengye Station

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