【The house in Cixi Wending Xingyuan is so numb】”The Numb House: A Review of Cixi Wending Xingyuan”

The Numb House Phenomenon

The numb house in Cixi Wending Xingyuan is a three-story apartment building that has been causing quite a stir in the local community. According to the residents, they experience a strange sensation of numbness whenever they enter the building. The feeling is strongest when they touch the walls, floors, or even the furniture. Some people have even reported feeling dizzy or disoriented when they are inside the building.

Scientists and experts have been trying to solve the mystery of the numb house for years, but they have yet to find a concrete explanation. Some theories suggest that the building materials used in the construction may contain high levels of chemicals that are harmful to human health. Others believe that the numbness is caused by electromagnetic radiation from nearby power lines or underground water veins.

The Impact on the Community

The numb house phenomenon has had a significant impact on the local community. Many people are now afraid to live or work in the building, and some have even moved out. The property values of nearby homes and businesses have also been affected, as people are reluctant to buy or rent properties in the area.

The local government has tried to address the problem by conducting various tests and investigations, but so far, they have not been able to find a solution. The numb house remains a mysterious and unusual place that continues to fascinate and intrigue people from all over the world.

Cixi Wending Xingyuan is a beautiful residential area located in the eastern part of Ningbo City. It is known for its modern architecture, well-manicured lawns, and well-designed housing units. However, amidst all the beauty and tranquility, there is one house that stands out for being so numb. The house in Cixi Wending Xingyuan is so numb that it has become the talk of the town.

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Ohne Titel

Ohne Titel

The Numbness of the House

The house in Cixi Wending Xingyuan is so numb that it appears lifeless. The walls are grey, and there are no windows on the front side of the building. The entrance door is always shut, and no one has ever been seen coming in or out of the house. The garden, which should have been a beautiful sight to behold, has been abandoned and is now covered in weed. The house looks like it has been deserted for ages.

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The Mystery Behind the Numb House

The numbness of the house in Cixi Wending Xingyuan has sparked a lot of curiosity among the residents. Many have tried to find out who owns the house, but no one seems to know. Some speculate that the house is owned by a wealthy businessman who lives abroad and only comes to China once in a while. Others believe that the house is haunted and that no one wants to go near it.


The numb house in Cixi Wending Xingyuan has become a topic of discussion among the residents of Ningbo City. The mystery surrounding the house has made it even more intriguing. Although no one knows who owns the house or why it appears so lifeless, it has become a landmark in the area. People are fascinated by it and often stop to take pictures of the house. As the mystery continues, the numb house in Cixi Wending Xingyuan remains a source of intrigue and wonder.

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