【Is the house of Xi'an Baoguan Factory still available?】”Exploring the History and Legacy of Xi’an Baoguang Factory’s House”

Xi’an Baoguan Factory was a state-owned enterprise that operated between the 1950s and 1980s in China. During its peak, the factory was a significant producer of traditional Chinese furniture, including chairs, tables, and cabinets. However, with the economic reforms of the 1990s, the factory was privatized and eventually shut down. Today, many people wonder if the house of Xi’an Baoguan Factory is still available.

The History of Xi’an Baoguan Factory

The Xi’an Baoguan Factory was established in 1952 and initially produced furniture for the government and military. In the 1960s, the factory expanded its production to include traditional Chinese furniture for the general public. The factory’s products were known for their exquisite craftsmanship and unique design, making them popular among collectors and enthusiasts.

However, with China’s economic reforms in the 1990s, the factory’s production declined, and it eventually closed down. Today, the historic factory site has been turned into a tourist attraction, showcasing the factory’s history and the traditional Chinese furniture-making process.

The House of Xi’an Baoguan Factory Today

While the factory itself no longer operates, the house that belonged to the factory’s owner is still standing. The house is a two-story courtyard-style building that has been renovated and turned into a museum showcasing the factory’s history and traditional Chinese furniture.

Visitors to the museum can see the different types of furniture produced by the factory and learn about the production process. The museum also features a workshop where visitors can try their hand at making traditional Chinese furniture.


Xi’an Baoguan Factory is a well-known cultural and historical site located in the Shaanxi province of China. The factory, which was established in 1904, is known for its production of bronze wares and has played a significant role in Chinese history. The house of the factory’s founder, Yang Jinxiu, is also a popular tourist attraction in the area. However, there have been recent concerns about the availability of the house and whether it is still open to the public. In this article, we will explore the availability of the house of Xi’an Baoguan Factory and its current status.

Current Status of the House

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In recent years, there have been concerns about the availability of the house of Xi’an Baoguan Factory. Some reports suggest that the house has been permanently closed to the public due to its deteriorating condition. However, there has been no official statement from the authorities regarding the closure of the house.

Despite these concerns, visitors can still visit the house of the factory’s founder. The house has been restored and is open to the public for tours. Visitors can explore the various rooms of the house, which showcase the traditional architecture and furnishings of the early 20th century.

Importance of the House

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The house of Xi’an Baoguan Factory is an important part of Chinese history and culture. It represents the entrepreneurial spirit of Yang Jinxiu, who established the factory and played a significant role in the production of bronze wares in China. The house also reflects the traditional architecture and design of the early 20th century, which is an important aspect of Chinese culture.

Furthermore, the house serves as a reminder of the important role that private enterprises played in the development of China’s economy. The factory’s success and the legacy of its founder are a testament to the hard work and innovation of Chinese entrepreneurs.


In conclusion, the house of Xi’an Baoguan Factory is still available for visitors to explore. Despite concerns about its availability, the house has been restored and is open to the public. The house is an important part of Chinese history and culture, and serves as a reminder of the important role that private enterprises played in the development of China’s economy. Visitors to the area should make sure to visit this significant cultural and historical site.

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