【Shanghai Fengxian South Bridge house】Exploring the Beauty of the Shanghai Fengxian South Bridge House

Shanghai is a city that never ceases to amaze with its incredible architecture and rich cultural heritage. One such marvel in Shanghai is the Fengxian South Bridge House. Built during the Song Dynasty, the house has withstood the test of time and still stands tall as a testament to ancient Chinese architecture. In this article, we’ll explore the history, architecture, and significance of the Fengxian South Bridge House.

History of Fengxian South Bridge House

The Fengxian South Bridge House was built in the Song Dynasty, around 900 years ago. The house is located at the south end of Fengxian South Bridge, which was the main route connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou during that time. The house is a rare example of ancient Chinese architecture in Shanghai, and it has been designated as a historical and cultural site by the Shanghai Municipal Government.

Architecture of Fengxian South Bridge House

The house is designed in the style of a traditional Chinese courtyard house. It has a rectangular layout with a central courtyard, which is surrounded by four buildings. The courtyard is the heart of the house, and it is where the family members would gather for meals and other activities. The buildings around the courtyard are connected by corridors, which are decorated with intricate wood carvings and paintings.

The wood carvings on the beams, pillars, and doors of the Fengxian South Bridge House are particularly noteworthy. They are exquisite examples of traditional Chinese wood carving, and they depict scenes from Chinese mythology, history, and daily life. The paintings on the walls are also a sight to behold, with their vibrant colors and intricate details.

Significance of Fengxian South Bridge House

The Fengxian South Bridge House is not just a historical and cultural site; it is also a symbol of the prosperity of the Song Dynasty. During that time, Shanghai was an important port city, and the Fengxian South Bridge was a vital link between Shanghai and Hangzhou. The house served as a residence for wealthy merchants and officials who traveled along the route. It was also a place where they could entertain guests and conduct business.

Shanghai is a bustling metropolis with a rich cultural heritage and a diverse range of architectural styles. Among the different types of houses found in the city, the South Bridge Houses in Fengxian District stand out as a unique and charming example of traditional Chinese architecture.

The History of South Bridge Houses

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South Bridge Houses are a type of courtyard-style house that originated in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and became popular during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). These houses are characterized by their symmetrical layout, central courtyard, and roofed corridors that connect different parts of the house. They were built primarily for wealthy merchants and high-ranking officials and were designed to provide a peaceful and private living environment.

The Features of South Bridge Houses in Fengxian

Fengxian District in Shanghai is home to a cluster of well-preserved South Bridge Houses that showcase the unique features of this architectural style. The houses in Fengxian are typically two-story buildings with a central courtyard that serves as the heart of the house. The courtyard is surrounded by covered walkways that connect the different parts of the house, including the living quarters, study rooms, and kitchens. The houses are built with brick and wood, and the roofs are tiled with black or gray tiles that give them a distinctive look.

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The Charm of South Bridge Houses

The South Bridge Houses in Fengxian are not just architectural masterpieces; they also embody the traditional Chinese philosophy of harmony between man and nature. The houses are designed to maximize the use of natural light and ventilation, which helps to create a comfortable and healthy living environment. The courtyard serves as a private oasis where residents can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The houses are also decorated with intricate carvings and paintings that reflect the owner’s taste and social status.


In conclusion, the South Bridge Houses in Shanghai’s Fengxian District are a testament to the rich cultural heritage and architectural legacy of China. These houses are not just beautiful buildings; they also represent a way of life that values simplicity, harmony, and balance. A visit to Fengxian to see these houses is a must for anyone interested in traditional Chinese architecture and culture.

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