【What should I do if the rented house is small and has a lot of things?】”What to Do When You Have Too Many Things in a Small Rented House”

Moving into a new rented house can be both exciting and challenging. One of the biggest challenges is when the house is small and has a lot of things. It can be overwhelming to figure out how to organize your belongings and make the most of your living space. In this article, we will provide you with some tips to help you maximize your small rented house with lots of things.

Use Storage Solutions

When you have limited space, it’s important to utilize every inch. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in storage solutions. There are plenty of options available, including shelving units, storage bins, and under-bed storage. You can also use hooks and hangers to hang items on walls and doors. By using these storage solutions, you can keep your belongings organized and free up valuable floor space.

Get Creative with Furniture

When you have a small rented house, it’s important to choose your furniture wisely. Look for multi-functional pieces that can serve more than one purpose. For example, a sofa bed can be used as a couch during the day and a bed at night. A storage ottoman can be used as a footrest, a coffee table, and extra storage. By getting creative with your furniture choices, you can save space and make the most of your living area.

Declutter Regularly

Even with the best storage solutions and furniture choices, it’s important to regularly declutter your belongings. Take some time to go through your things and determine what you really need and what you can get rid of. Donate or sell items that you no longer use or need. By decluttering regularly, you can keep your small rented house organized and functional.

Renting a small house can be a challenge, especially if you have a lot of things to store. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of your living space. In this article, we will discuss tips on what to do if you find yourself in a small rented house with a lot of things.

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The first step you need to take is to declutter your belongings. Determine which items you really need and which ones you can let go of. It might be difficult at first, but it will help you free up space and make your house feel less cluttered. You can sell or donate the items you no longer need, or you can store them in a storage unit.

Maximize Storage Space

One of the keys to making a small house work is to maximize storage space. Look for furniture with built-in storage, such as ottomans, coffee tables, and beds with drawers. You can also hang shelves on your walls to store items such as books, decorative items, and kitchen utensils. Use every inch of space you have, including under your bed, behind doors, and in the corners of your rooms.

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Use Multi-Functional Furniture

Another way to maximize your living space is to use multi-functional furniture. For example, you can use a sofa bed in your living room, which can be used as a bed at night for guests. You can also use a folding table that can be stored away when not in use.


Living in a small rented house with a lot of things can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By following these tips, you can make the most out of your living space and create a comfortable and functional home. Remember to declutter, maximize storage space, and use multi-functional furniture to make your house work for you.

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