【Strange house interior】Exploring the Unusual: A Look Inside a Strange House Interior

The interior design of a house is a reflection of the owner’s personality and style. While some prefer the traditional route, others opt for a more unique and unconventional approach. In recent years, the trend of strange house interiors has emerged, where homeowners are taking bold risks in their home decor. This article will explore this daring home design trend and its various aspects.

The Use of Bold Colors

One of the defining features of a strange house interior is the use of bold and vibrant colors. While traditional homes tend to stick to neutral or pastel shades, a strange interior will incorporate colors such as bright pink, electric blue, and even neon green. These colors are often used in unexpected ways, such as painting the ceiling a bright red or creating a feature wall in a neon yellow.

Unconventional Decor Items

Another aspect of a strange house interior is the use of unconventional decor items. These can range from quirky pieces of furniture to unusual artwork. For example, homeowners might choose to hang a collection of vintage mirrors on one wall or install a bookshelf made from reclaimed wood. The use of unusual decor items adds a touch of personality and creativity to the home.

Mixing and Matching Styles

A strange house interior often involves mixing and matching different styles and eras. This might include incorporating vintage pieces alongside modern furniture or combining industrial elements with bohemian decor. The key is to create a cohesive look that reflects the homeowner’s individual style and taste.

The Allure of Strange House Interiors

Strange house interiors have a certain allure that is hard to resist. They can be quirky, whimsical, dark, or even macabre, but they all share one thing in common – they are intriguing. The use of unconventional materials, such as recycled or repurposed items, adds to the charm of these interiors. Moreover, they are often a reflection of the homeowner’s personality and taste, making them even more fascinating.

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Examples of Strange House Interiors

One of the most famous examples of a strange house interior is the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. This Victorian mansion was built by Sarah Winchester, the widow of the gun magnate William Wirt Winchester. Legend has it that she believed the spirits of those killed by Winchester rifles were haunting her and that the only way to appease them was to keep building onto the house. The result is a sprawling mansion with staircases that lead to nowhere, doors that open onto walls, and secret passageways.

Another example is the House on the Rock in Wisconsin, which is a museum of oddities and curiosities. The house was built in the 1940s by Alex Jordan Jr., who was inspired by the natural beauty of the area. It features a dizzying array of collections, including vintage cars, dolls, and musical instruments. The most famous exhibit is the Infinity Room, a glass-enclosed walkway that extends 218 feet over the valley below.

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The Risks of Strange House Interiors

While strange house interiors can be delightful, they do come with some risks. For one, they may not appeal to everyone, which can make it difficult to sell the property later on. Moreover, some unconventional materials used in these interiors may not be up to code, posing safety risks to the occupants. Finally, some strange house interiors may be too dark or macabre, which can negatively affect the mental health of the occupants.


Strange house interiors are not for everyone, but for those who appreciate them, they offer a glimpse into a fascinating world of unconventional design. Whether it’s a haunted mansion or a museum of oddities, these interiors have a certain charm that is hard to resist. However, it’s important to be aware of the risks involved and to ensure that the materials used are safe and up to code. Ultimately, a strange house interior is a reflection of the homeowner’s personality and taste, and that’s what makes them so special.

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