【How many houses can be settled in Jining】”Jining: How Many Houses Can Be Settled in This City?”

Housing Situation in Jining

Jining has a population of over 8 million people, and it is a rapidly growing city. The demand for housing in Jining is high, and the government has been working to provide affordable housing for its citizens. According to recent statistics, Jining has over 1.5 million housing units, which can accommodate approximately 5 million people. This means that there is a deficit of housing for over 3 million people in Jining.

Future of Housing in Jining

The government of Jining has been working to address the housing deficit in the city. They have implemented policies to encourage the construction of more affordable housing units. Currently, there are several housing projects underway in Jining, which will provide more housing units for its citizens. According to reports, the government plans to add over 500,000 new housing units in Jining by the year 2025. This will help to bridge the housing deficit and provide more affordable housing options for the people of Jining.

The Housing Market in Jining

The housing market in Jining is booming, with a range of options available to those looking for a place to live. The city offers a variety of housing types, including apartments, villas, and townhouses. The average price per square meter for housing in Jining is around 5,000 RMB, which is relatively affordable compared to other cities in China.

To determine how many houses can be settled in Jining, we need to look at the available land for development. According to the local government, there are currently over 500 square kilometers of land available for construction in Jining. This includes both residential and commercial land, which can be used for housing development.

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The Population Density of Jining

To determine the number of houses that can be settled in Jining, we also need to consider the population density of the city. Jining has a population density of around 1,500 people per square kilometer. Based on this density, we can estimate that there is enough land available for the construction of around 3.75 million houses in Jining.

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However, it is important to note that not all of the available land in Jining is suitable for housing development. Some areas may be designated for industrial or commercial use, while others may be protected for environmental or cultural reasons. Additionally, the city’s infrastructure and transportation systems may not be able to support such a large number of new residents.


In conclusion, Jining has a significant amount of land available for housing development, with enough space for approximately 3.75 million houses. However, this number is based on population density alone and does not take into account other factors such as land use regulations and infrastructure limitations. As the city continues to grow and develop, it will be important to carefully manage the housing market to ensure that new construction meets the needs of both residents and the local economy.

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