【How is the house in Olive City, Changsha?】”Exploring Olive City, Changsha: A Look Inside the Local Housing Market”

Are you looking for a place to call home in Changsha? Olive City might be the perfect destination for you. Olive City is a luxurious residential area located in the heart of Changsha. It is known for its high-end apartments and beautiful surroundings. In this article, we will discuss how the house in Olive City, Changsha, is.


One of the best things about Olive City is its amenities. The apartments in Olive City offer a range of facilities that cater to the needs of its residents. The apartments are equipped with modern kitchens, large living spaces, and spacious balconies that offer a beautiful view of the city. The complex also has a swimming pool, a gym, and a clubhouse, which are perfect for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. The complex also has a 24-hour security system, which ensures the safety of its residents.


Olive City is located in the prime location of Changsha. It is close to some of the city’s best restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment spots. The complex is also close to some of the city’s top schools and hospitals, making it an ideal location for families. Olive City is also well-connected to the rest of the city, with easy access to public transportation.


The cost of living in Olive City is higher than some of the other residential areas in Changsha. However, the cost is justified by the amenities and facilities that are offered. The apartments in Olive City are spacious and luxurious, making it a great investment for those who are looking for a long-term stay in Changsha.

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Olivine City Lighthouse

Olivine City

Spacious and Well-Designed Interiors

The houses in Olive City are designed to provide a comfortable and spacious living space for its residents. The houses range in size from 85 square meters to 150 square meters and come in a variety of layouts to suit different needs. Each house is designed with an open plan living area, which allows for more natural light and air to circulate throughout the space. The interiors are well-designed with modern finishes and appliances, making it a perfect place for families and professionals alike.

Beautiful Surroundings

Olive City is located in a prime location in Changsha, surrounded by beautiful greenery and parks. The complex is situated near the Xiangjiang River, which provides a peaceful and serene environment for its residents. The complex also offers a variety of outdoor recreational activities, including a basketball court, a tennis court, and a jogging track. The surrounding area is well-connected, with easy access to public transportation and major highways, making it easy to get around the city.

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House project in Building No. 67 of Zhengkai Olive City

Olive Tree House

Excellent Facilities and Services

Olive City offers its residents a range of facilities and services to ensure they have a comfortable and convenient living experience. The complex has a 24-hour security system, which includes CCTV cameras and security guards. The swimming pool and gym are well-equipped with modern facilities, and the children’s playground is perfect for families with young children. The complex also offers a range of services, including dry cleaning, housekeeping, and maintenance, making it easy for residents to manage their daily lives.


In conclusion, the house in Olive City, Changsha, provides a comfortable and modern living space for its residents. The spacious and well-designed interiors, beautiful surroundings, and excellent facilities and services make it a desirable place to live. The complex is perfect for families and professionals who want to enjoy a peaceful and convenient lifestyle. If you are looking for a new home in Changsha, Olive City is definitely worth considering.

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