【Auction house fees】Understanding Auction House Fees: A Guide for Buyers and Sellers


Auction houses are a great option for selling and buying a variety of items, including art, antiques, jewelry, and collectibles. However, when it comes to selling, it’s important to understand the auction house fees that are involved in the process. In this article, we will discuss the different types of fees charged by auction houses and how they can impact your profits.

Buyer’s Premium

One of the most common fees charged by auction houses is the buyer’s premium. This is a percentage of the final sale price that is added to the winning bid and paid by the buyer. For example, if the final bid on an item is $1,000 and the buyer’s premium is 20%, the buyer will pay an additional $200 in fees. The buyer’s premium is typically used to cover the auction house’s expenses, including marketing, cataloging, and staffing.

Seller’s Commission

In addition to the buyer’s premium, auction houses also charge a seller’s commission. This is a percentage of the sale price that is paid by the seller to the auction house. The seller’s commission can vary depending on the type of item being sold, the value of the item, and the specific auction house. Some auction houses may charge a flat fee instead of a percentage. It’s important to understand the seller’s commission before consigning an item to an auction house, as it can impact your overall profit.

Additional Fees

In addition to the buyer’s premium and seller’s commission, auction houses may also charge additional fees for services such as photography, insurance, and shipping. These fees can vary depending on the auction house and the specific services requested. It’s important to carefully review the auction house’s fee schedule and contract before consigning an item to ensure that you understand all of the fees that will be charged.

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Real Estate Auction Fees: Understanding Them for Both Parties

What additional fees do I need to pay?

If you are an auction house enthusiast, you know that buying and selling valuable items can come at a cost. One of the most significant expenses you will face is auction house fees. These fees can vary depending on the auction house, the item being sold, and the bidding process. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about auction house fees.

How Auction House Fees Work

Auction houses charge fees to both buyers and sellers. These fees are typically a percentage of the sale price and are used to cover the cost of running the auction, including advertising, catalog production, and staffing. The seller’s fees are usually higher than the buyer’s fees and can range from 10% to 25% of the sale price. The buyer’s fees, on the other hand, are usually between 5% and 15% of the sale price.

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Auction House Commissions

How is the auction house fee calculated?

Factors That Affect Auction House Fees

Several factors can affect the auction house fees, including the type of item being sold, the reserve price, and the bidding process. High-value items, such as art, jewelry, and rare collectibles, will typically have higher fees than lower-value items. The reserve price, which is the minimum price the seller will accept, can also impact the fees. Auction houses may charge higher fees if the reserve price is not met, as they have invested time and resources into the auction. Finally, the bidding process can also impact the fees. Online bidding may have lower fees than in-person bidding, as it requires less staff and resources.

Negotiating Auction House Fees

It is possible to negotiate auction house fees, especially for high-value items. Auction houses want to attract and retain sellers, so they may be willing to lower their fees for repeat clients or items that are expected to generate significant interest. However, it is important to remember that auction houses are running a business and need to cover their costs. Negotiations should be done respectfully and with an understanding of the value the auction house provides.


Auction house fees are a necessary part of the buying and selling process, but they can vary widely depending on several factors. It is important to understand how these fees work and what factors can impact them. By negotiating respectfully and understanding the value provided by the auction house, buyers and sellers can ensure they are getting the most out of their auction experience.

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